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Resident evil карта warcraft 3 - Torment Arena Deathmatch

Категория: Карты

Обновлённая 27.09.2008 года Hero Arena. Средней интересности карта, хотя это возможно сугубо моё мнение как человека не любящего карты в этой категории. Карта на восемь игроков, командами 4х4, 26 героев на выбор, достаточно серьёзный AI.

v1.6b - v1.6c changelog:
-All ability hotkeys are changed: Q - First Ability, W - Second Ability, E - Third Ability, R - Ultimate and A - Attribute Bonus.
-Floating Texts now cannot be seen if the text point is fogged to Player.
-Magic Pouch's Aura now also increases duration of captured structures.
-Leavers now display on Multiboard.
-When a Player is left, his/her captured structures became neutral hostile (default/uncaptured).
-Additional memory leaks.
-Slightly reduced Holy Smite's armor reduction.

Torment Arena is a pure-action deathmatch/team deathmatch style custom mod for 8 players. Featuring:

-26 each unique heroes, with their own skill combos, styles and many trigger based abilities.
-More than 100 hero skills and alot more unit skills.
-Balanced items, artifacts with an initial item cooldown system
-Many game mods and gameplay options
-30 Creep waves and 6 Bosses
-Unique Score system with an optional Score balance-system
-A Kill Spree system with custom sounds
-Balanced power-up spawns depending on # of Players
-Many ingame commands
-Capturable Towers and a Fountain
-15 unique game Events
-Computer AI support (3 difficulities)
-Tons of memory leaks
-Very nice custom models (made by others)
-Many, many more...

Torment Arena v1.6c Deathmatch
Resident evil карта warcraft 3.


4923_8TormentArenaDe.w3x [2,63 Mb] (cкачиваний: 596)Resident evil карта warcraft 3.
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